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"It is a great addition to our collection, a very thorough resource on the subject of getting in to graduate school. The section on reference letters and what should go in them will come in handy. I often have students come to the lab saying that the person writing their reference letter has asked for guidelines on what to put into the letter. Now I have something to give them. The timeline chapter will also be useful to our students, as well as the wealth of information to guide one through the entire application process." Deborah Dolak, Ball State University - Career Center

"I'm currently using your textbook as the main text in my course of Preparing for Graduate School (Honors 495G) at UMass-Amherst. The students and myself have considered it a great resource." Carlos A. Suárez Carrasquillo, University of Massachusetts - Amherst

"I have recommended this book to my students because it is simply the best recourse out there for students interested in grad school." Dr. David R. Brodbeck, Department of Psychology, Algoma University

"So, are you content with your bachelor's degree -- or do you just think that you can't afford grad school? Perhaps you're convinced that your grades aren't up to par, or that you won't do well in a certain program. The application process seems too daunting, so you've decided to forego the opportunity to attend grad school, and roll the dice in the job market. Don't settle for that entry level job just yet; there's a book you should read before you make up your mind about postgraduate education." Posted by DevinMcGinty - GradShare Blog

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Graduate School: Winning Strategies for Getting In, written by one of our graduate school experts, Dave G. Mumby, Ph.D, is the most complete educational guide for college students and professionals, like yourself, who are thinking about getting a Masters or Ph.D. Whatever your field of study may be, both the book and eBook cover the commonalities across most disciplines, making it relevant to most prospective graduate students. Intended for students in most disciplines within the Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities, they also contain valuable insight for students of Engineering, or Fine Arts, and for those seeking a degree in Business, Law, or Medicine. The author is a university professor and academic adviosr whose advice has helped countless of students get into graduate school.


In chapters 1 – 4 several misconceptions about graduate school are revealed and dispelled, including the most common myth – that you must have excellent grades to get in, and that excellent grades are all that you need. Certain factors that can play an even bigger role than your GPA in determining the fate of an application are discussed, and you will also discover how the process of selecting applicants actually works in most graduate programs; it is NOT the way that most people think! Students with outstanding grades will discover why they need more than just their grades to get into grad school and succeed once there. These other requirements are explained, along with numerous tips and suggestions for making sure that you are organized and prepared when it comes time to apply.

Chapters 5, 6 and 7 go step-by-step through all stages of the application process, focusing on ways to maximize the quality of each of the five main components of a graduate school application: application forms, transcripts, letters of recommendation, standardized tests, the personal statement. Pitfalls of the application process are also revealed, and you will be shown how to avoid many of the costly mistakes that most graduate-school applicants unwittingly make.

The later chapters, beginning with chapter 8, discuss how to go beyond the basic application requirements and take extra steps to stand apart from the crowd. Included are such topics as making pre-application contact with a prospective supervisor, writing proper cover letters, and preparing for interviews. Many of the ideas outlined in these chapters do not occur to most students, but those who understand and incorporate them into a strategy for applying to graduate school are ALMOST ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL ! The final chapter examines the many ways that you can find the money you need to afford the cost of graduate school. See more in the Table of Contents

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Author - Dave G. Mumby, Ph.D.

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