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You may not have heard of a grad school coach until now.... and that's OK. Let this be your introduction. Whether we're talking about athletics or dating or starting a business, it is a natural inclination to seek out the help of someone who has once stood in your shoes, faced the challenges that lie ahead of you, and successfully navigated those obstacles to the other side of sweet success. No matter the specific area in which you need assistance, coaching, under the guidance of a professional coach, is the art of supporting someone through a process of achieving a specific, meaningful accomplishment.

Grad school admissions coaching then means that you (client) are walked through from A to Z in the process of successfully gaining admission to graduate school. As a grad school coach, there is one ultimate goal I have for each of my clients: To submit their applications with the utmost CONFIDENCE they have presented themselves in their strongest, most brilliant light - one in which admissions committees are likely to name you as a top candidate for their program.

Way back before I became a grad school coach, before I earned my doctorate in psychology, before I ever took my first graduate level course, I was rejected from grad school. I learned the hard way that successfully getting into grad school is a more complex equation than having a high GPA or test scores.

I remember having questions about grad school and no one to answer. Sure, I had professors who had been there and done that, but they were busy with classes and I had to compete with my classmates for Office Hours time. I also had advisors at my university. They issued advice on which classes to take, but their advice was limited as far as applying and getting into grad school. And they surely weren't available to review all of my materials to make sure they were submission-ready. There are plenty of "get into grad school" books on the market but what about specific questions that cannot be answered in print? What about critique of my materials before paid hundreds of dollars in application fees?

One of the biggest advantages a grad school admission coach can offer is the ART of getting into grad school. Coaching isn't a mathematical formula. It isn't a measurable science. It is an active process of working hand-in-hand with someone with great promise and helping them REALIZE their potential. Coach is developing a specific implementable strategy that works FOR YOU. Sometimes it means listening to your fears, sharing your stories from when you were in the trenches, clearing up confusion, keeping you accountable, and minimizing feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.
Graduate school coaching is the "human" side of the application process. Whether you're applying to a master's degree program, Ph.D., MBA, law school, or medical school, the coaching process is the same: It is whatever you need, whenever you need it, to help you achieve your goal of getting your career jump started. But first, you have to successfully earn the approval of the admissions committee.


Dr. Khia Thomas created Your Grad School Coach in order to help promising applicants "get clear, get into grad school, and get on with your life." She provides one-on-one coaching sessions to answer your most pressing questions about successfully getting into graduate school. Stay in the loop with the latest information by liking her Facebook page

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